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Wage and Hour Law Blog Posts

Johnson to Speak at Advanced Wage and Hour Seminar in Park City Utah

February 18, 2014

Attorney Larry Johnson to speak at the Ohio Association for Justice's Advanced Wage and Hour continuing legal education seminar in Park City Utah on March 24th through the 26th. Johnson will discuss the broadening scope of successor liability under the Fair Labor Standards Act and his successful arguments before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals on the issue in Teed v. Thomas & Betts Power ... more->>

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WISN 12's Colleen Henry Reports on Wage Theft Claim Against St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, WI

February 04, 2014

Attorney Summer Murshid was interviewed by WISN 12's Colleen Henry as part of a Channel 12 Investigation into employees performing work without pay. Henry spoke to Murshid and her client, Margaret Watzka, about the increasing pressures on employees to work from home and at work without being properly compensated for their time. Murshid represents Watzka, and similarly situated nurses, in a claim ... more->>

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Wisconsin Supreme Court to Hear Appeal of Donning and Doffing Case – Weissman et al., v. Tyson Foods, Inc.

January 22, 2014
by Summer Murshid

Summary At issue in this class action is whether donning and doffing of protective equipment by employees must be compensated by an employer. Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge Hue’s decision to interpret Wisconsin law independent of federal employment law is a significant departure from other federal court decisions in this area. Judge Hue decided in favor of the Plaintiffs; Tyson Foods has ... more->>

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Attorneys Johnson, Maynard, and Murshid Win Overtime Compensation on Behalf of 42 Van Drivers

December 23, 2013

Earlier this year, a van driver working for Med Group Transportation filed a class action against his employer for unpaid overtime compensation and unpaid pre and post shift travel time. The drivers provided transportation services to primarily handicapped and elderly customers. Med Group Transportation was reimbursed for the transportation with what was ultimately public funds (Department of ... more->>

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Johnson and Murshid Present at Milwaukee Bar Association on Wage and Hour Issues

December 02, 2013

On November 21, 2013, Attorneys Larry Johnson and Summer Murshid presented a 2013 Wage and Hour case law update to luncheon participants at the Milwaukee Bar Association. The pair also presented on wage and hour issue spotting techniques. Materials from the presentation can be requested by contacting smurshid@hq-law.com or ljohnson@hq-law.com.... more->>

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Prompt Action May Protect Employees Owed Money by a Bankrupt Employer

November 12, 2013
by Timothy Maynard

When an employer goes bankrupt, many employees may doubt their ability to recover unpaid minimum wages, overtime wages, or any other wages for work they have performed. After all, an employee may wonder, “If my employer is truly bankrupt, is there any money to pay the wages owed to me?” Fortunately, federal bankruptcy laws provide some protections to employees who have been unjustly deprived of ... more->>

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Court Grants Conditional Class Certification for TSM Protection Officers

August 30, 2013

On August 19, 2013, Judge William Conley certified at nationwide class of TSM Protection officers. The Plaintiffs in the case allege that TSM failed to provide them compensation for their attendance at TSM training sessions. Class members will have until November 13, 2013 to return a signed consent form if they desire to join the action. A copy of the Notice sent to class members and the consent ... more->>

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Can an Employer Substitute Compensatory Time Off For Cash Overtime Pay?

July 16, 2013
by Barbara Zack Quindel

Private sector employers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or Wisconsin wage laws must pay at least time and a half  wages for hours worked over 40 in a workweek by non-exempt employees. Private sector employers cannot provide compensatory time off in lieu of cash for these overtime hours. Moreover, an employee cannot waive her right to overtime pay or agree that only 8 hours a day ... more->>

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Is Your Unpaid Internship Legal? A Guide to Unpaid Work and FLSA Law

July 10, 2013
by Michele Sumara

Is Your Unpaid Internship Legal? A Guide to Unpaid Work and FLSA Law  Interns are notoriously overworked and unpaid. Many students and recent graduates in particular fields expect they will not be paid wages for their first jobs and will instead work in unpaid internships. The New York Times noted recently that 30% of college and technical college students in the United States are working in ... more->>

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Johnson to Speak at Health, Labor and Employment Law Institute

June 06, 2013

Attorney Larry Johnson to speak at Health, Labor and Employment Law Institute on August 22nd and 23rd. Johnson will speak on a panel discussing Wisconsin wage and hour laws and how Wisconsin’s protections differ from the Fair Labor Standards Act.... more->>

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