Amy Shapiro

Family Lawyer for Milwaukee & Southeast WI
Committed to Helping Kids & Families

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Amy Shapiro

Family Lawyer for Milwaukee & Southeast WI
Committed to Helping Kids & Families

“Amy is a tenacious advocate, exceptionally smart, and a creative problem solver. She is very compassionate and caring as well. My divorce was very difficult, and Amy’s uncanny ability to keep me calm was amazing. I could not have gotten through it without her. “

My divorce was very difficult, and Amy’s uncanny ability to keep me calm was amazing. I could not have gotten through it without her. 

Attorney Amy Shapiro

Paralegal Sandy Lehn


Family law attorney Amy L. Shapiro understands she protects what her clients value most – their family, their assets, and their livelihood – and strives to be both professional and determined in her advocacy, as well as compassionate in her approach. She has been a practicing family law attorney in Milwaukee for over 33 years, and has learned each client brings in their own distinct issues, values, and interests.

Milwaukee Divorce Attorney & Family Lawyer

As a Milwaukee divorce attorney, Attorney Shapiro’s practice focuses on a broad array of related issues, including Wisconsin divorcepaternity, property division, spousal support, child custody and child custody jurisdiction, child support, domestic violence issues, domestic partnership dissolutions, and post judgment matters. As a Milwaukee family law attorney, Shapiro represents parents as full participants in creating a fair and prosperous post separation world, by listening to her clients, assessing their interests, and coming up with creative solutions. Attorney Shapiro also drafts prenuptial and marital property agreements. She previously practiced civil legal services in Georgia for low income clients, before returning to practice civil legal services in Wisconsin in 1984, and exclusively family law in private practice since 1991.

Milwaukee Family Law Mediator & Litigator

As a Milwaukee family law mediator, Attorney Shapiro focuses on mediation for both represented and unrepresented parties, focusing her strengths as a problem solver. These mediation skills also assist her, as advocate counsel, to look at the interests of her clients and the importance of the newly-formed family, and create a narrative to the court about the importance of her client’s perspective. Extensively trained in collaborative family law practice, in addition to mediation, she uses her problem solving skills and her knowledge and experience, in both the court and in negotiations. Attorney Shapiro believes her creativity and tenacity — as well as her empathy — provide her with a unique perspective in her representation of her clients.


Attorney Shapiro is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin; she also has sat on various community boards, and has authored several published articles on Wisconsin family law. As a past board member and Vice President of the Leander J. Foley Jr. Matrimonial American Inns of Court, Attorney Shapiro strives to foster mentoring to less experienced Milwaukee divorce attorneys, and continuing education for all Milwaukee family law attorneys.

Attorney Amy Shapiro

Paralegal Sandy Lehn

Amy Shapiro is an extremely smart, well-prepared, and effective attorney who is very good at helping her clients evaluate their situation in a very relatable way. I have referred many people to her for help when they have a family law matter.


Attorney Shapiro effectively represented me in a family law matter under major time constraints. She is a compassionate and skilled lawyer, who can frame the issues in a way that advances her client’s position. She strives to draft agreements that are fair and sustainable in the long term. At the same time, she has the confidence and the skills to litigate if necessary. She possesses both professional knowledge and personal integrity, the two qualities that provide a solid foundation for being a great attorney. I feel that I benefited greatly from hiring attorney Shapiro, because I drew on her expertise and good judgment. I highly recommend her in the area of family law.


Amy is an extraordinary attorney. My divorce was complex, with both inheritance issues, and an uncooperative former spouse who kept changing attorneys. Amy was steady when the boat got rocky. There were some tough legal challenges by the other side, but Amy was tougher and she was innovative. When it looked like there might not be any solution on the horizon, her experience and wisdom shone. Amy is a natural negotiator, and will try to resolve matters finding common ground. But, when it is obvious that negotiation is not appropriate, she will fight hard. She is compassionate and it is clear that she works very hard for justice for her clients. I cannot recommend Amy enough.


Amy L. Shapiro
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