Barbara Zack Quindel

Milwaukee Employment & Labor Attorney
Retired April 2020

Barbara Zack Quindel

Milwaukee Employment & Labor Attorney
Retired April 2020

Barbara Zack Quindel practiced labor and employment law for over 35 years, working with both Wisconsin labor unions and individual employees to get their work-related issues resolved. A passionate advocate for employee rights, she was well-respected and consistently included in the Best Lawyers in America and Wisconsin Super Lawyers.

Milwaukee Employment Attorney

In advising employees on employment and separation agreements, discrimination, family and medical leave rights, wage disputes and other employment-related claims, Attorney Quindel brought both her knowledge of the law and compassion for employees, recognizing the personal impact of unlawful treatment at work.

Milwaukee Sexual Harassment Attorney

Attorney Quindel represented numerous women in sexual harassment claims, including working with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, to ensure women who have experienced sexual harassment are compensated and employers have policies and provide training to prevent future harassment. For example, in EEOC vs Hufcor, a settlement was reached providing significant compensation to the employee Attorney Quindel represented, the employer was ordered to train its managers and supervisors to prevent harassment and retaliation against employees who complain of harassment, and to post a notice to all its employees explaining the settlement and their right to contact the EEOC with any complaints of discrimination or retaliation.

Milwaukee Labor Attorney

Attorney Quindel recognized the power that comes from employees taking collective action, and represented labor unions and other organizations to defend and expand workplace rights. Her union clients included the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association, the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 998, and SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin.


Attorney Quindel had extensive experience in labor and employment law. She served as a member of the national Board of Directors for the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee. In 1995, Attorney Quindel was appointed by the U.S. District Court in New York as Election Officer to supervise the 1996 national Teamster elections.

Between 2008 and 2011, Attorney Quindel and fellow Hawks Quindel Attorney Richard Saks represented the Milwaukee Chapter of 9to5, National Association of Working Women, in successfully defending a legal challenge to the Milwaukee Paid Sick Leave Ordinance, which was approved by nearly 70% of Milwaukee voters. Attorney Quindel also served as the attorney for the League of Martin, an organization of Milwaukee’s African-American police officers, challenging discriminatory practices in promotion, assignment, and hiring. In 2004 the League recognized her 24 years of service as their counsel.

Attorney Quindel served as one of Senator Tammy Baldwin’s appointees on a six-member Federal Nominating Commission established to advise Senators Baldwin and Johnson on filling vacant federal judgeships in Wisconsin.

Attorney Quindel also served on the Legal Coordinating Committee for Wisconsin Election Protection, a coalition of organizations defending voting rights and monitoring election practices and polling places.

Attorney Quindel was a co-founder and member of the Wisconsin Employment Lawyers Association, and served on the boards of the Wisconsin Bar’s Labor and Employment Section, and the Wisconsin Chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

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