Attorney Matthew Robles will be presenting a State Bar of Wisconsin webcast on Social Security disability on Monday, December 2, 2019 from 12:00-1:00 PM. It will be available as a live webcast, and for later on-demand viewing. The presentation is titled “A Social Security Primer: What All Attorneys Should Know about SSDI and SSI.” You can register here.

The presentation is designed for attorneys who practice in areas other than Social Security disability, but are interested in learning more to help identify when clients should consider applying, and to spot when receipt of Social Security benefits might require additional considerations in other legal matters.

Overview of SSDI and SSI

The first half of the presentation will provide an overview of SSDI and SSI, how eligibility for benefits is determined, and the process of applying for benefits and appealing denials.

Key Aspects of Social Security Benefits

The second half of the program addresses important considerations for attorneys when clients are receiving Social Security disability benefits. This includes how other legal matters might affect Social Security benefit eligibility, legal obligations when clients are on Medicare, and other ways Social Security disability overlaps with other areas of practice.

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Labor Law

Social Security

Employee Benefits

Wage & Hour

Worker's Compensation

Disability Benefits

Duty Disability

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