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Automated calling is illegal without your express consent

Robocallers cannot call you without your Express Consent

Automated calls made with an autodialer are commonly referred to as “robocalls.” Robocalls often come in the form of pre-recorded messages left on your voicemail or played when you pick up the phone. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) entitles you to sue robocallers (and robotexters) who contact you without your consent.

The TCPA is a federal statute designed to regulate the use of robocallers (automatic dialing systems) and prerecorded messages. The law allows a consumer to recover $500 per illegal call or text, and up to $1,500 for willful violations of this law.

Recovery estimates for successful robocall lawsuits.

It is against the law for debt collectors to use robocallers to call you or leave you robomessages without your consent. Simply say ‘stop calling me,’ to revoke any consent to robocall you that may have existed before.

If you are receiving robocalls, texts, and voicemails without your express permission, call us today for a free case evaluation about your rights under the TCPA.

Collectors may try to trick you into giving your consent to receive robo calls.

After you’ve told them ‘stop calling me’, they may say, ‘okay, but is this a good number to reach you on?’ Don’t take the bait – reply ‘NO, stop calling me’! Depending on the specific circumstances, telling a collector that your number is a “good number” may or may not count as giving consent to receive robocalls.

Robocalls can result in conversations with REAL people too!

Even if you end up speaking with a real human being, you may still have received a robocall. Autodialers are often used to call multiple numbers, and then connect real humans to the call only when consumers pick up the phone. It’s usually easy to tell when an autodialer is used to make a call because there are odd noises or periods of silence between the time when you pick up the phone and the time when a live person comes on the line. If a debt collector or lender has been repeatedly robocalling and texting your cell phone within the past 4 years, you may have a claim under the TCPA.

The consumer protection attorneys at Hawks Quindel help Wisconsinites who are wrongly contacted by companies and their debt collectors. If you believe you have received unauthorized robocalls and texts on your cell phone, contact the consumer protection attorneys at Hawks Quindel today for a free case evaluation.