On April 25th the District II Court of Appeals based in Waukesha denied Attorney General Van Hollen’s petition to stay Judge Flangan’s injunction of Photo ID for voting. The short decision is attached. The appeals court agreed with our position that it should not interfere with the temporary injunction but instead allow our case before Judge Flanagan to be concluded with a final decision, which will come down sometime after our post-trial briefing is concluded on June 18. Of course, that means the temporary injunction remains in effect through the recall elections (along with Judge Niess’ permanent injunction).

This is an important victory, but of course, we still have a long way to go and this battle is far from over. Our case will wend its way later this summer and early fall to the Court of Appeals and almost certainly to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where it likely will be heard with the League of Women Voters’ case. Again, many thanks for all your support throughout this fight, and we will keep you posted on future developments. Feel free to share this message with other supporters of our effort.

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