Flat Fee Consults Allow You to:


• Speak with an attorney who specializes in Disability law
• Discuss where you are at in the process
• Review documents that might be relevant to your case
• Gain insight into your rights under the law
• Determine what success looks like moving forward
• Develop a strategy to achieve success

Purpose of the Flat Fee Consult: Is a Flat Fee Consult Right for You?  


A Flat Fee Consult is a legal service arrangement where the attorney charges a fixed, predetermined fee for providing limited scope legal advice, information, and guidance on a one-time basis. Instead of billing clients based on the time spent during the consultation, the attorney charges a flat rate for the entire session, inclusive of reviewing relevant documents, conducting any necessary legal research, and speaking with you to provide legal advice. This arrangement offers a cost-effective way to access legal expertise and obtain preliminary insights into your case without the concern of accumulating hourly charges 

Scope of the Flat Fee Consult: What Does a Flat Fee Consult Entail?

To schedule a Flat Fee Consult, you will need to sign a Legal Services Agreement acknowledging that legal representation will be limited to the consult. In other words, once the Flat Fee Consult has ended, the attorney is not obligated to provide further/ongoing representation. Instead, if you and the attorney decide to continue working together beyond the Flat Fee Consult, that continued representation will be subject to a further written agreement. 


From there, the Flat Fee Consult is comprised of two parts. First, you will likely be asked to provide relevant documents for the attorney’s advance review. (It is important that you provide the requested information to the attorneys’ office within the timeframe specified by our staff so as to allow the attorney adequate time to review your documents.) Such documents may include: 


  • The STD or LTD policy or plan document (usually obtainable from your employer’s HR department). 
  • Recent correspondence to/from the insurance company, including a copy of the denial letter, if applicable. 
  • Medical records or forms completed by your treating providers pertaining to your restrictions and limitations. 


Additionally, our intake staff will schedule a time for you to meet with the attorney, either in person or by phone/video conference. These meetings typically last one hour during which time the attorney will discuss your specific legal issue. Common issues addressed during STD/LTD Flat Fee Consults include: 


  • helping you understand your STD/LTD plan document/policy provisions 
  • explaining your rights under the federal and state laws that govern claims for STD/LTD benefits 
  • assessing the viability and strength of your STD/LTD claim  
  • describing the process to apply for STD/LTD benefits or to file an appeal for benefits if your initial claim is denied  
  • offering guidance on potential legal courses of action, including the possibility of working with an attorney on an ongoing basis (which would be subject to a new Legal Services Agreement) 


The cost of your Flat Fee Consult depends on a number of factors, including the area of practice relevant to your legal issue(s), legal complexity of your situation, extent of documents for review, amount of time allocated for your meeting with the attorney, and years of experience of the attorney with whom you meet. Our staff with inform you of the cost for your unique Flat Fee Consultation at the time of scheduling. You must pay the fee in advance of the consult, and the attorney cannot begin preparing for the consult until payment is received.  


Ready to Get Started?  

If you are interested in scheduling a Flat Fee Consult with one of our experienced LTD attorneys, your first step is to call our office at 608-257-0040 and ask to speak with one of our intake specialists. They will gather preliminary information from you regarding your legal issue, and can assist in scheduling your consult.  


Attorneys and staff returned calls promptly and got answers for me when I had a lot of questions. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable in a really difficult situation and made me realize that I was doing the right thing for myself. I was able to stand up for my own rights knowing they were there to help.



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