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Hawks Quindel’s team of lawyers has decades of experience serving people around the state. We are a collaborative organization, combining our collective wealth of experience with the client’s objectives to ensure quality legal service.


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Mission & Philosophy

We Work for You

Hawks Quindel’s mission is to see justice served for the people we represent. We take a client-centered approach, working tirelessly everyday to ensure our clients are better off than when they first walked through our doors.

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Fighting for Working People since 1959

Hawks Quindel has an extensive history of fighting for the rights of Wisconsin workers and labor unions. At its core, Hawks Quindel has always stood for employee rights and social justice. As the firm has grown, Hawks Quindel’s mission has expanded to helping the people of Wisconsin with a variety of legal issues, including injuries both on and off the job, disability benefits, family law issues, consumer disputes, employee benefits issues and more.

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Client Service

Our Commitments to You

Hawks Quindel is committed to providing quality legal service for our clients. Among other things, that means we will understand the objectives you have for your legal matter and clearly explain how your legal matters will proceed. Hawks Quindel values open communication between the client and the legal team.

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Five Wisconsin Legal Offices

Wile Hawks Quindel, S.C. attorneys represent people across the state, we have five physical office locations where we meet with clients in-person.


Serving Western & Southcentral WI

Located in the first settlement neighborhood right off the Capitol Square.


Serving Southeast WI

Conveniently located in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward near the Milwaukee River.

Eau Claire

Workers comp for western Wi

Located in eastern Eau Claire just off of Business Hwy 53.


Serving the Fox Valley
& Northeast WI

Located in the Park Place Business Park next to the Worker’s Compensation Hearing Office.


Serving Kenosha, racine and outlaying communities

Located on 52st Street near Wood Road.

Family & Divorce

Labor Law

Social Security

Employee Benefits

Personal Injury

Wage & Hour

Worker's Compensation

Disability Benefits

Consumer Law

Duty Disability