What to Expect

We have helped thousands of Wisconsin workers, families, unions, and individuals recover from difficult situations and protect what they value most. Learn how we take you from initial inquiry to satisfied client.

As a potential client, it’s important to understand what you can expect from Hawks Quindel. For every potential client who contacts us, we assess your claims and determine if we are the right attorneys to assist you. From our intake staff, to our paralegals, to our attorneys, our team approach is designed to fit your needs. That’s why from your first contact with our firm, through the end of your case, it’s our goal to keep you informed and aware of what’s coming next.

Step 1:

New Client Intake

Our intake process is designed to help both you, the potential client, and our Hawks Quindel attorneys learn about the legal issues or concerns being raised by your situation, as well as the options that are available to you.

Information About You & Your Case

You may contact Hawks Quindel via phone or by using our Contact Form. An intake specialist will request some basic information from you, such as your name and employer, as well as the facts involved in the dispute, or a statement outlining the reason for contacting our firm. Our intake staff will also obtain your preferred contact information. Intake specialists are not able to provide legal advice.

Timely Response & Complete Information

Once we collect the requisite information, our intake specialists will coordinate with the appropriate Hawks Quindel attorney(s), and respond within 24 – 48 business hours to provide the available options, or schedule a consultation. If there is a fee for the initial consultation, we will explain this in advance, at the time a consultation is scheduled.

Requests for Specific Attorneys

If you request a specific attorney, our intake specialists will share the intake information with that specific attorney when possible. Please keep in mind, the requested attorney may not be available, or another attorney may be better qualified to handle the case. In either situation, we will inform you of the change of attorney, and the reason for it.

Step 2:

Initial Attorney Contact

Initial Meeting Goals

An initial meeting provides both you, the potential client, and the attorney an opportunity to discuss the facts and legal issues at length and allow the parties to answer the following questions:

  • What are your issues and legal concerns?
  • Are there legal options or a claim for which you can retain Hawks Quindel to handle?
  • If Hawks Quindel is not the appropriate firm to assist, can we provide an appropriate referral?

Meeting Context

Depending on the availability of the appropriate attorney, a potential client’s initial contact may be a phone or online video call with the attorney, or it may be an in-person consultation. In some cases, an initial contact may last 15-20 minutes, and you may be asked to send or bring additional information or schedule a longer discussion. In other cases, an initial call or consultation may last up to an hour, or longer.

Supporting Documents May Help Clarify Your Case

We may ask you to email or send documents in advance of a phone/video call, or to bring relevant documents to an initial meeting. Examples of documents we may ask you to bring could include:

  • Written agreements between the employer and the employee (e.g., employment, compensation, or non-compete agreements)
  • Offer letters or other letters relating to the terms or conditions of employment; any proposed severance agreement or release; published severance policies or procedures
  • Any other relevant company manuals, policies, or procedures
  • All relevant benefit plans, summary plan descriptions, and statements
  • Relevant performance appraisals, evaluations and notices
  • All correspondence, memos, emails, or notes relevant to the issues involved

    Next Steps

    A call or in-person meeting may result in one of the following options:

    • An attorney may schedule an additional phone call or meeting to continue discussing the details of the case or obtain additional information
    • You may decide to retain Hawks Quindel
    • You or the attorney may request time to consider options and make a decision in the future
    • The attorney may refer you to another attorney or other resource

    Step 3:

    Fees & Billing

    Fees Vary by Practice Area

    At Hawks Quindel, our attorneys work in a number of different practice areas. As a result, the fees charged for legal services may be different, depending on the type of case.

    For example, in some cases, clients are charged a flat hourly rate for the attorney’s time and expertise. Each attorney’s hourly rate is based on years of practice and experience. Your attorney will state and explain their hourly rate explicitly before representation begins.

    In other cases, because of the nature of the legal claim, cases are taken on a contingency basisIn a contingent fee arrangement, the lawyer agrees to accept a fixed, pre-determined percentage of the recovery, which is the amount finally paid to the client. If the client wins the case, the lawyer’s fee comes out of the money awarded. If the client does not win, the client pays nothing to the attorney.

    Rest assured that whatever type of fee arrangement we offer you, we will explain it in detail before we begin representing you.

    Agreeing to Representation

    Hawks Quindel provides each client with a legal services agreement outlining the terms and scope of the representation, as well as the agreed upon fee arrangement. Prior to work beginning on a file, the client must sign and return the agreement, along with payment if it is due.

    Timeline & Questions

    If you are paying hourly fees for legal services, bills will be sent every month, or in some cases, at other mutually agreed upon increments. Payment is due for invoices upon receipt. If you have questions or concerns about your bill, you should direct them to the attorney with whom you are working who will address them promptly and fairly.

    Step 4:

    A Team Approach

    When you become a client, your case will be handled by a team of experienced professionals. Our attorneys, paralegals, and support staff work diligently to ensure that you receive up to date communication and information about the status of your case.

    Our support staff ensure calendars are up to date and files are maintained, so that we can ensure accuracy and expediency when addressing your questions or concerns.  We don’t ever want you to wonder what’s going on, so we make it our priority to keep you apprised of what’s coming next, so you know what to expect as the case progresses. This might mean:

    • keeping you posted regarding negotiation status
    • working with a paralegal or associate attorney to review documents and provide responsive information for your case
    • asking you to come to the office and help attorneys clarify and understand the documents you have provided

    If a settlement is reached, we will let you know when you can expect to receive money. If your case is going to trial, you’ll work with the whole team to get the case ready for presentation. Essentially, our team is here to make sure you have a professional, expedient, and transparent experience with your case, no matter what happens. We want to provide you with full-service representation, and our team approach is specifically designed to do just that for each client.

    Intake Clerk

    Intake Clerk

    Connect You to the Right Help

    An intake clerk will be your first contact with the firm when you call or send an email. They will obtain the necessary information regarding your potential claim, and route you to the attorney who can evaluate your claims and help you decide if Hawks Quindel is the right firm for you.



    Managing & Tracking Your Case

    If you retain Hawks Quindel, a paralegal will be your ongoing point of contact. This person will maintain your casefile, manage documents provided by you and opposing parties, keep you apprised of important dates, schedule necessary meetings and phone calls with your attorney, and keep you posted on the status of your case.



    Legal Experts & Strategists

    Your attorney and their team work with you to develop the best legal strategy for your case. Your attorney directs and conducts research, maintains contact with the opposing party or attorney, answers your questions and helps you understand each step, so you have all necessary information to decide how you want your case to proceed.

    Step 5:

    Dispute Resolution

    While each legal dispute resolves differently, we are proud of our history of satisfied clients. Please read a few testimonials from past clients in a variety of practices.

    “I was so delighted with the level of personal service, particularly the way everyone from the front desk to the attorneys treated me with utmost respect, and genuinely cared about helping me with my case. Hawks Quindel was recommended by my doctor, and I am so glad I followed up with them. I would recommend the firm to everyone.”


    “The legal team at Hawks Quindel, S.C. that worked on my workman’s comp appeal treated me with respect, kindness, and professionalism from my first in-person consultation, to our most recent email exchange. Their expertise was key in winning my appeal. I’m grateful to have been recommended to this firm, and wouldn’t hesitate to encourage others to seek their council.


    “The attorney at the law office was very trusting and knowledgeable. We were at ease when he also knew fluent Spanish. I would recommend this law office to anyone within the Hispanic community.

    El abogado de la oficina de la ley era muy confiado y conocedor. Estábamos a gusto cuando conoció también con fluidez el español. Yo recomendaría esta ley oficina a cualquiera en la comunidad hispana.”


    “My wife and I went to Hawks Quindel due to a workman’s comp issue. They assured us they would do their best, and that’s all you can truly expect, but they went above and beyond until our issue was resolved. We are extremely happy with their service, and I am proud to call them our attorneys!!”


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