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Doctors & Physicians

Legal Assistance Specific to the Unique Challenges Doctors & Physicians Encounter in the Workplace

Navigating the never-ending roadblocks of professional medical practice can be a daunting process. Hawks Quindel attorneys have formed a special group devoted to dealing with the specific challenges  Wisconsin physicians face in hospital and clinics throughout the state. In the complex health care environment, doctors can rely on Hawks Quindel practitioners to address health care related legal issues that will allow physicians’ business relationships and practice management to grow and thrive.

Contract Negotiation for Physicians

We assist doctors in negotiating their own physician employment contracts; we also negotiate employment contracts on a physician’s behalf. Our talented attorneys assist doctors in reducing liability through physician contracting with an eye toward drafting effective and fair non-competition or other restrictive covenant clauses. We are particularly wary of potential pitfalls in physician contracting that have begun to appear in the corporate practice of medicine, many of which can bind a physician to a hospital that has been merged or acquired by another entity.

Our attorneys have considerable experience negotiating contracts for physicians who typically do not have the time or the expertise to negotiate with large managed care organizations. Appropriate contract language can go a long way in protecting physicians against liability and assisting them to ensure proper payment under important managed care agreements.

Credentialing and Medical Staff Issues for Physicians

Hawks Quindel attorneys have experience counseling physicians in hospital/physician relationships, credentialing and medical staff issues. Whether it is a medical staff dispute, compliance with bylaws, or responding to inquiries, Hawks Quindel attorneys can help. Our attorneys have experience with medical staff fair hearings and federal and state litigation involving staff privileges.

Our attorneys have the ability to assist physicians through the credentialing processes, whether for hospital medical staff or managed care organizations. We routinely assist physicians in resolving disputes, allowing physicians to continue to practice medicine without worrying about administrative burdens or interference.

Regulatory Compliance for Physicians

Hawks Quindel attorneys can assist physicians to meet the regulatory challenges that face modern day physician practices. Our attorneys are experienced in representing physicians in actions by state licensure boards seeking to impose sanctions (i.e., license probation, suspension, revocation, etc.) and other disciplinary action against physicians. Hawks Quindel attorneys represent clients in hearings, administrative proceedings and National Practitioner Data Bank matters.

Employment Discrimination of Physicians by Their Employers

Hawks Quindel attorneys can assist doctors confront discriminatory practices in the workplace. We have represented physicians in race, age, gender, and national origin discrimination claims against large healthcare entities. We have successfully litigated or resolved many cases on behalf of physicians involving sexual harassment, gender and pregnancy discrimination, race, national origin and age discrimination or harassment, disability claims, wage and hour and overtime claims, retaliation and whistleblower claims and non-compete lawsuits. We appear in federal and state courts as well as before the many federal, state and local agencies that enforce employment laws, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, state and local fair employment agencies, state unemployment and workers’ compensation agencies and other administrative arenas.

Hawks Quindel Helps Physicians Solve Critical Employment Legal Problems

The medical industry is complex and filled with legal, technical and political subtleties. We are attorneys expert in researching, navigating and strategizing complex medical-legal problems to help you succeed. Contact us to begin a helpful conversation towards solving your challenges.