Northwestern Mutual’s History of Disability Insurance Denials

The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company is a Wisconsin-based insurance company. Founded in 1857, it has been around almost as long as our state. Now Northwestern Mutual has a nationwide presence offering a variety of insurance products such as life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance as well as financial planning services. These products are meant to protect you financially in the event of a medical or health crisis. If your insurance claim is denied when you need benefits most, Hawks Quindel can help.

Northwestern Mutual’s practices have been challenged by individuals and the government. In 2021, Northwestern Mutual agreed to pay Vermont a $287,000 administrative penalty for improperly calculating interest on life insurance payments. In 2015, Northwestern Mutual settled a class action related to its annuities business for $84 million.

Additionally, in 2015, Hawks Quindel obtained an approval of disability insurance claim after it appealed Northwestern Mutual’s wrongful denial of benefits. In 2008, Northwestern Mutual settled a class action related to dividend payments on its term life and disability insurance policies for $92 million.

As demonstrated by these decisions, insurance companies such as Northwestern Mutual can be held accountable if they deny legitimate claims. Hawks Quindel is on the frontlines fighting for people’s rights.

Denied by Northwestern Mutual? Here’s How We Can Help

  1. We work with you and your doctors to gather statements, medical records and other documentation needed to support your claim with the disability insurance company.
  2. We appeal disability insurance denials, building your case with factual and legal arguments to prove you are entitled to LTDI benefits under the insurance policy.
  3. If your disability appeal is unsuccessful, we pursue litigation in state or federal court to recover the disability insurance benefits owed to you. We have extensive experience with state and federal laws, and understand how to navigate the legal system in order to enforce your rights.

What Should You Do if Denied by Northwestern Mutual?

  1. Contact us via phone or email form (at right) to tell us about your disability insurance claim appeal.
  2. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not pay a fee unless we are successful.
  3. Our attorneys will review your case and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.
  4. If we can represent you with your LTDI benefits claim with Northwestern Mutual, we will enter into a legal services agreement. Let our attorneys take it from there.

About Our Law Firm

Hawks Quindel, S.C. is a full-service law firm specializing disability insurance appeals. We only represent individuals and never insurance companies. Our team of Long Term Disability Insurance Attorneys, based in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin have the experience and record of success to deliver consistent positive outcomes.

Our Wisconsin LTDI Benefits Attorneys are dedicated advocates for Wisconsin’s injured and disabled. It is our privilege to represent people in their legal challenges, particularly when that means securing the LTDI benefits you deserve. Contact us today to speak with our Wisconsin LTDI Benefits Attorneys.

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