Labor Laws Dictate When Employers Must Provide Paid Training

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers must usually pay hourly employees for time spent in required job training. Generally speaking, time spent in job training is considered compensable time unless the training meets each of these requirements:

  1. The training occurred outside of the employee’s regular working hours.
  2. The training was truly voluntary.
  3. The training was not directly related to the employee’s job.
  4. The employee did not perform any productive work for the employer during the training.

Under these rules, employers are required to pay their employees for the time they spend studying for and taking required certification tests and examinations. TruGreen, Inc., requires employees to pass certain certification tests, but it may not be paying its employees for all of the time they spend studying for and taking these tests.

TruGreen Employees May Contact Us

If you have worked for TruGreen during the past two years and were not paid for all of the time you spent studying for tests that TruGreen required you to take, you may have a claim for unpaid wages against TruGreen. Contact Attorney Aaron Bibb at 608-308-8230 or use the submission form below for a free consultation.

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