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Wisconsin Workers Compensation Lawyers in Madison and Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin workers compensation law requires every employer to carry Wisconsin workers compensation insurance for their employees. When an employee suffers an injury on the job, this insurance should help them recover from their injury by paying for medical treatment and compensating for time off work. Sometimes, however, insurance companies deny workers compensation claims and workers must resort to the courts to get their benefits.

If you have been injured on the job have not received your Wisconsin workers compensation benefits within two weeks of filing, ask yourself:

"Do I need an attorney to represent me in my workers compensation case?"

"If so, when should I call a workers compensation attorney?"

"And does it really make a difference which Wisconsin workers compensation law firm represents me?"

These are three of the most important questions you can ask when you have suffered a workers compensation injury. At Hawks Quindel, we are committed to helping you answer these questions and to obtaining the maximum workers compensation benefits available to you under Wisconsin workers compensation law. Hawks Quindel represents individuals with workers compensation claims throughout Wisconsin and has experienced workers compensation attorneys in Madison and Milwaukee.


After a workers compensation injury, you should contact us in any of the following circumstances:

  1. Your employer or its workers compensation insurance company asks you to provide a tape-recorded statement.
  2. You receive a letter requiring you to attend an Independent Medical Evaluation (a doctor chosen by the workers compensation insurance company).
  3. You receive a letter advising that your workers compensation claim has been denied.
  4. Your employer fires you, or puts you on permanent layoff, after your workers compensation injury.
  5. Your work injury causes permanent scarring or other disfigurement.
  6. You are unable to return to your work due to the permanent restrictions.
  7. You have suffered a workers compensation injury to your head, neck or back, regardless whether your claim has been denied.


It is important to hire an attorney who knows Wisconsin workers compensation law. Many attorneys advertise themselves as Wisconsin workers compensation experts, but few have earned the statewide reputation enjoyed by the attorneys at Hawks Quindel. Our attorneys regularly speak at Wisconsin workers compensation seminars and all are members of the Wisconsin Association of Workers Compensation Attorneys (WAWCA).

Judges, former clients, and even the attorneys who represent the workers compensation insurance companies refer injured workers to our firm. Why? Quite simply, we achieve outstanding results for employees across Wisconsin. Even considering our experience and reputation, we charge the same fee you will pay attorneys with far less experience – only 20% of what we recover for you, whether your case is big or small.

There is no charge whatsoever for a phone or office consultation regarding your work injury. Please contact us if you would like to discuss Wisconsin workers compensation law and your rights. To speak with a Madison workers compensation lawyer, call (800) 610-0040 or (608) 257-0040; to speak with a Milwaukee workers compensation lawyer, call (800) 236-3348 or (414) 271-8650, or send us an email.