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If You Believe Surveillance Is Ongoing, Contact Your Workers Compensation Attorney

If you have been off work for an extended period of time because of a workers compensation claim, the worker’s compensation insurance carrier may try to conduct surveillance of your daily activities.

Surveillance is usually conducted by a private investigator hired by the workers compensation insurance carrier. It can be very upsetting to know someone may be trying to watch or record you. However, surveillance is legal as long as it is done from a location where the investigator is allowed to be (for example, from a public street and not on your personal property). Nonetheless, if you have a workers compensation attorney and believe surveillance is being conducted, you should inform your workers compensation attorney.

Many people want to know if they have to alter their daily life so that surveillance does not threaten the worker’s compensation benefits they are entitled to. Being unable to work and having a workers compensation claim does not mean you have to stay locked in your house. What matters is that you are following any restrictions on activity issued by your doctor. To learn more about your workers compensation rights, please contact one of Hawks Quindel’s experienced workers compensation attorneys.