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Wisconsin Consumer Protection Attorneys

Advocating for Consumers’ Rights to be Treated Fairly in the Marketplace

Wisconsin consumers have the right to be treated fairly. Federal and Wisconsin laws protect individual consumers from misleading and fraudulent practices by businesses. You have the right not to be harassed by debt collectors, to be misled by deceptive practices, or to be mistreated by your landlord. The consumer law attorneys at Hawks Quindel S.C. can help you stand up for your rights.

Harassing and Abusive Debt Collectors

Individuals have protections under federal and Wisconsin law to protect them from harassment and other abusive actions by debt collectors. Debt collectors cannot call you at inconvenient times, contact you at work after you’ve asked them not to, or threaten to take your property unless the law actually permits the seizure. Debt collectors are also prohibited from making false claims in an attempt to collect on a debt. Debt collectors also cannot robocall your phone without your consent. Hawks Quindel can help you determine whether a debt collector’s practices are illegal and what remedy may be available to you for the illegal practices. Learn more about Debt Harassment and Robocalls.

Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices

Wisconsin and federal law prohibits untrue, deceptive, or misleading advertisements, announcements, statements, or representations in transactions with the public. The protections apply to both the sale of goods and the sale of services. These laws are meant to protect consumers from economic and social harm caused by deception in the marketplace. If you believe you have been harmed by a false or deceptive practice, contact Hawks Quindel for a free evaluation.


If you have defaulted on a loan that is secured by consumer collateral (typically vehicles), then the lender may attempt to repossess that collateral. There are strict rules lenders and debt collectors must follow in order to legally repossess the collateral, and many times those laws are violated without the consumer being aware. If your vehicle is illegally repossessed or the lender or debt collector fails to give proper notice or takes unconscionable actions in the repossession process, an attorney at Hawks Quindel may be able to help you keep your vehicle and/or obtain a money judgment. Learn More


The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects individuals from receiving automated calls and texts without their express consent. If you phone is ringing off the hook and you suspect the calls might be placed by a computer or robocaller, the consumer protection attorneys at Hawks Quindel may be able to help. Learn more about Robocalls.

Credit Reporting Disputes

Every individual has the right to know what is in their credit reporting file and to have misinformation changed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Agencies are also not allowed to report negative information over seven years old, or bankruptcies over ten years old. Additionally, there are special protections for those seeking employment. Learn more about the rights of job applicants under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Collections Defense, Including Defense of Lawsuits

Debt collectors expect individuals to not put up a defense to a lawsuit. Their expectation is based on reality, as the vast majority of these claims result in a default judgment. Debtors should be aware that there are several defenses to collections claims.

Lemon Law Claims

The Wisconsin Lemon Law protects individuals who have purchased a vehicle that is no more than a year old and is still under warranty. A vehicle is a “lemon” if it has a serious defect the dealer cannot fix within four attempts or it has one or many defects that prevent the vehicle owner from using the vehicle for 30 days or more. If the Lemon Law has been violated, a court can award you up to double the vehicle purchase price, plus other costs and attorney’s fees.


Residential tenants in Wisconsin have rights relating to the condition of the rented property, return of security deposits, and privacy, among many others.  Landlords cannot retaliate against tenants for exercising tenant rights and cannot discriminate against tenants or potential tenants. If you have been the victim of unfair rental practices, contact the consumer attorneys at Hawks Quindel, S.C.

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