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Wisconsin Employment Law Attorneys Protecting Workers

Protecting Wisconsin Workers from Workplace Abuses and Illegal Business Practices
Our Wisconsin employment law attorneys are committed to representing the interests of job seekers and employees before, during, and after employment. We pride ourselves on providing our clients legal advice and advocacy equal to the best lawyers serving employers. As experienced Wisconsin employment law attorneys, we have represented people from all walks of life and in all professions and occupations. We have negotiated with and litigated against large and small private and government employers. We are skilled at identifying meritorious claims based upon the numerous laws and court decisions that make up a complex patchwork of legal protection for employees.

Major Employment Practice Areas

The scope of employment-related law is wide, but the majority of employment claims we represent come from these areas:

Employment Discrimination
Both Wisconsin employment law and federal employment law prohibits discrimination in employment, but procedures for making a complaint are detailed and complicated. Time limits for most such claims are very short. Complaining directly to an employer will not extend the short time limits for making a claim with the government and preserving your right to sue. Timely, confidential advice can help to reach a sound decision about when and how to object to discrimination at work or to assert your termination was discriminatory. Learn More
Employment Agreements
Look before you leap is good advice. Any bargaining power to modify onerous terms in an employment agreement should be exercised before you sign. When everything is going well, “It’s just a formality” sounds reasonable. Not so when your career is on the line. We can help you to understand and evaluate what you are being asked to sign and can assist you in resisting unreasonable agreements. Learn More
Severance Agreements
As an employment relationship ends, monetary and non-monetary severance benefits can enhance your ability to move on without unnecessary personal hardship. Severance agreements can provide valuable benefits, but they need to be reviewed with caution and deliberation because they often cut off other claims. Learn More
Non-Competition Agreement Disputes
Promises not to compete, which some employers demand from their employees, are viewed with suspicion under Wisconsin law. Agreements that go too far are void and unenforceable. Because new employers and old customers can be drawn into these disputes, experienced legal counsel and advocacy are crucial. Learn More
Family and Medical Leave Claims

Eligible employees have the right under state and federal Family and Medical Leave Acts to take leave for their own and family member serious health conditions and to care for a new child.  These laws provide important job protection and prohibit retaliation for exercising your rights.  The time limit for filing an FMLA complaint can be very short.  Timely, confidential advice from experienced attorneys can help you determine if your FMLA rights have been violated. Learn More

Pension & Retirement Benefit Disputes
Retirement benefits are an important part of your compensation package. If your employer miscalculates your pension or denies you other post-retirement benefits you earned, you may have recourse under Wisconsin laws or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). We can help ensure you receive your proper pension and retirement benefits. Learn More
Due Process, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association
For government employees, the Bill of Rights and the Wisconsin Constitution give additional protections, including due process rights, protection from punishment for exercising freedom of speech and protection for freedom of association.
Wrongful Discharge
An employee who is fired for refusing to violate a law or regulation can sue the employer-wrongdoer. This is a developing area of the law in Wisconsin. In addition to protection for terminated employees, a number of statutes provide protection for specific kinds of whistle blowing.

Getting Results

Litigation (Going to Court)

courtLitigation is sometimes the only way to resolve a serious dispute. Negotiations are driven by employers’ interests in avoiding the risk of litigation, which can be costly and time consuming. If an employer feels an employee has a strong case and sharp attorneys, it is often more willing to negotiate. Hawks Quindel attorneys offer decades of Wisconsin employment law experience advocating in investigations, hearings, trials, and appeals in courts and administrative agencies throughout the state.

Negotiation (Settling Out of Court)

NegotiationSkillful negotiation resolves most disputes. Most employers, confronted with well-prepared demands based on skillfully organized evidence and legal arguments, will settle “out of court.” We work to avoid costly litigation whenever possible, and to negotiate from a position of strength based on thorough research and evidence.

Depth of Experience

As part of a firm of varied, knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we can provide our clients with counsel and advocacy affecting all aspects of employment and career issues. Combining our many years of experience and the expertise of the employment law practitioners with that of the other attorneys at Hawks Quindel enhances the depth and breadth of representation our firm can offer clients.

WISealWisconsin Employment Law Resources

If  you are weighing a potential Wisconsin employment claim and researching Wisconsin employment law, the following resources can be good places to start your reading:

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your situation or legal rights with a Wisconsin employment attorney. To reach our Madison employment lawyers, call (800) 610-0040 or (608) 257-0040. To reach our Milwaukee employment lawyers, call (800) 236-3348 or (414) 271-8650, or send us an email.

Attorneys and staff returned calls promptly and got answers for me when I had a lot of questions. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable in a really difficult situation and made me realize that I was doing the right thing for myself. I was able to stand up for my own rights knowing they were there to help.
Theresa Wawrzyniak

Employment Discrimination Client