Flat Fee Consults Allow You to:


• Speak with an attorney who specializes in employment law
• Discuss what happened to you
• Review documents that might be relevant to your case
• Gain insight into your rights under the law
• Determine what success looks like moving forward
• Develop a strategy to achieve success

Purpose of the Flat Fee Consult 


Following the new client Intake process, a Hawks Quindel attorney may request that our Intake Specialists offer you the opportunity for a flat fee consult meeting with that attorney. Such an offer is made when an attorney specializing in the relevant area of practice has decided, based on the information gathered during the intake process, that you have or may have a viable legal claim.

The purpose of the flat fee consult is for the attorney to ask detailed questions about the facts relevant to that potential claim, and for you to ask questions about what filing such a claim would mean for you, including the cost and investment of time required to pursue the claim. At the close of the meeting, the attorney will provide you with an opinion regarding your likelihood of succeeding on any claims, whether the attorney is willing to offer representation, and, if so, on what basis (hourly fee or contingent fee) the attorney is prepared to make such an offer.

Scope of the Flat Fee Consult

A flat fee consult includes the attorney’s pre-meeting review of any documents our Intake Specialists have asked you to provide, as well the meeting itself, which typically will be between one and two hours. The amount of time scheduled for the consult meeting will depend on the complexity of the facts involved and the number of legal claims the attorney needs to analyze during that meeting. As stated in the legal services agreement you will be asked to sign before the meeting, the scope of advice the attorney provides is limited to review of any requested documents and the time spent in the meeting itself. Any further advice or any offer of representation will be subject to a further written agreement.

Cost of the Flat Fee Consult

The cost of a flat fee consult depends on a number of factors, which include the area of practice relevant to your potential legal claims, the amount of time allocated for review of documents and the meeting, and the hourly rate the attorney charges. This fee must be paid in advance of the consultation, and the attorney will not begin to review the requested documents until payment is received.

Types of Employment Issues Discussed:

Employment Discrimination

Age Discrimination      Arrest and Conviction Record Discrimination

Disability Discrimination (including ADA)      Family and Medical Leave Act     Female Professionals

Gender & LGBTQ Discrimination     National Origin Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination      Race Discrimination        Sexual Harassment


Employment Contracts

Arbitration Agreements   Confidentiality Agreements

Employment Contracts     Non-Compete Agreements

Severance Agreements

 Specific Professional Areas:

Doctors & Physicians        Executives       Female Professionals

Higher Education               State Employees

Other Employment Areas:

Pension & Retirement Benefits     Unemployment Insurance Benefits

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