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Employer Illegal Labor Conduct

Protecting and Defending Your Rights to Organize and Work Together for Better Working Conditions

At the heart of both State and Federal labor law is the legal guarantee of employees’ right to engage in lawful, concerted activities for the purpose of mutual aid and defense; their right to elect a representative of their own choosing and their right to engage in collective bargaining. Employees who elect to exercise these rights are frequently confronted with a variety of management actions to retaliate. These actions are intended to defeat the collective effort to improve the conditions of employment and to suppress the employees’ interest in collective action. Managements’ actions for these purposes are illegal.

Our lawyers have extensive experience counseling our union clients’ officers and staff regarding strategies to accomplish their goals by empowering union members with the robust exercise of these rights. We regularly prepare complaints before both the State and Federal Labor Relations agencies and represent our clients throughout the complaint process. Importantly, our clients’ success record in these matters speaks for itself.

If your union or a group of previously unrepresented employees is interested in pursuing lawful and legally protected activities to improve employees’ wages, hours and conditions of employment, our lawyers are ready, willing, able and experienced in counseling and representing you in your efforts.

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