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Wisconsin Disability Lawyers - Short & Long Term Disability Claims

If Your Disability Insurance Company Has Wrongfully Denied Your Claim, We Can Help Secure the Benefits Owed You
If you become disabled due to a sickness or injury and are unable to continue working in Wisconsin, disability benefits can help you secure lost income until you are able to return to work. Most employees are eligible for short term disability insurance benefits; if your disability lasts more than a few weeks, you may also be eligible for long term disability insurance benefits. You may be able to receive short term disability benefits and long term disability benefits even if you are receiving workers compensation and/or Social Security disability benefits. A disability attorney can help you navigate the process following a disability denial and convince a court to award you a disability benefit.

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance Services

Our Wisconsin disability attorneys specialize in securing disability benefits for our clients. We can help you at any stage in the disability claim process:

Preparing to File a Disability Claim
Before you file a claim for disability benefits, we can give you an opinion about the likelihood of the claim being approved. Having an experienced advisor on your side can help diminish the anxiety associated with filing the disability claim. We will review your policy to make sure there are no surprises or unknown obstacles that will prevent you from getting your disability benefits.
Filing a Disability Claim
Short and long term disability insurance companies use guidelines that help them decide whether to approve or deny disability claims. Because our disability lawyers have seen thousands of claims get approved and denied, we know what the insurance companies are looking for and can help you present your case in the most favorable way. Getting your disability claim approved on the first try will save you time, worry and money.
Appealing a Disability Claim
Insurance companies deny disability claims. If your short or long term disability insurance claim is denied, we can help by putting together an expertly crafted appeal. We will help you obtain the best evidence available to persuade the insurance company to reinstate your disability benefits.
Suing the Disability Insurance Company
If the disability insurance company has rejected your disability appeal, you still have options. If appropriate, our disability attorneys will file your lawsuit without delay. Bringing a legal action against the disability insurance company often leads to the resolution of your disability claim, since a costly legal battle is the last thing an insurance company wants when they have a weak case.
Negotiating Lump Sum Settlements
Whether your claim is approved or disputed, there are times it makes sense to negotiate a lump sum disability settlement with the disability insurance company. Our disability lawyers help make sure the insurance company negotiates with you in good faith and offers a fair disability settlement.

Doctor explains injury causing a long term disability claim to worker.Securing Wisconsin Disability Benefits Takes Experience

Hawks Quindel has the experience to represent you throughout the disability benefits appeal process. We have helped hundreds of clients in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout Wisconsin secure their short term disability benefits and long term disability benefits. This is because our disability attorneys do not dabble in this type of work, they specialize in it. Disability insurance companies know we will aggressively pursue your disability benefits claim and will take them to court if necessary.

In Most Cases, We Don’t Get Paid Until You Do

In many cases, we are willing to represent individuals on a contingent fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless you do. We understand the stress caused by a disability. Often, we can handle your Wisconsin disability benefit case without you having to travel to court or even to our office.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation

If you are unable to perform the duties of your job due to a sickness or injury and have been denied disability benefits, or you would like to generally learn more about Wisconsin disability benefits, lawyers at Hawks Quindel are happy to discuss your situation. Please contact us for a free case evaluation to discuss your rights regarding short term disability benefits and long term disability benefits. We represent individuals throughout Wisconsin on a contingent fee basis. To speak with a Madison disability benefit lawyer, call (608) 257-0040; to speak with a Milwaukee disability benefit lawyer, call (800) 236-3348 or (414) 271-8650, or send us an email.

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