What happens if your work injury prevents you from returning to your job? If your injury has resulted in permanent restrictions and you are unable to earn at least 90% of your pre-injury wages, you may be entitled to vocational retraining benefits. This benefit allows you to be paid 2/3 of your weekly wage (tax free) while you are enrolled in a retraining program. The goal of the program is to allow you to return to the workforce. Vocational rehabilitation benefits also include your travel, lodging, and meal expenses related to the retraining program. Under certain circumstances, you may be eligible for tuition assistance.

Most  worker’s compensation insurance companies will not inform you of your right to this benefit. If you were injured at work, have permanent restrictions, and are not able to earn at least 90% of your pre-injury wages, please call Hawks Quindel, S.C. to speak with an experienced worker’s compensation attorney to discuss whether you are eligible for retraining benefits.

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