Wisconsin law requires employers of all sizes, with few exceptions, to maintain worker’s compensation insurance covering all of their employees. Regrettably, some employers, in order to cut corners financially, fail to purchase the required insurance. In order to protect employees of these uninsured employers, the State of Wisconsin has established the Wisconsin Uninsured Employers Fund (“the UEF”). When an employee is injured in the course of his or her duties with an uninsured Wisconsin employer, the Fund will pay the employee all benefits owed, as well as all injury-related medical bills. Such a claim is made through a separate administrative process, administered by the UEF, and requires the filing of some documents that are different than in a normal worker’s compensation proceeding.

Hawks Quindel’s worker’s compensation attorneys are experienced in and familiar with the requirements the UEF imposes on an employee making a claim against the Uninsured Employers Fund. We have handled such claims in many parts of the state and will be happy to discuss your claim with you if you’ve been injured while working for an uninsured employer.

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