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Wisconsin Attorneys for Disputed ETF Claims

Helping Employees Secure Benefits with the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
Navigating the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) can be daunting. If you are a state or local government worker,1 such as a teacher, university faculty or staff member, police officer, or firefighter, among others, you have a large, complex benefit package under the Wisconsin Retirement System. These benefits include but are not limited to life insurance, health insurance, retirement benefits and disability benefits. These programs, as a whole, are administered by the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF). Hawks Quindel’s employee benefits attorneys advise public employees regarding their ETF benefits by providing counsel during enrollment, assistance with claim filings, and representation if claims are denied. For those employees who are unable to continue working due to a physical or mental disability, our employee benefits attorneys are ready to assist with claims for Income Continuation Insurance (ICI), Disability Retirement (§ 40.63), Long Term Disability Insurance (LTDI) or Duty Disability (§40.65) benefits.

Required Documentation is Critically Important to Benefits Claims

Claims for benefits with the Wisconsin Retirement System are unique and unlike any private benefit plan. In order to get benefits with Employee Trust Fund, you must submit timely and properly completed documentation. For instance, in order for ETF to approve your claim for disability benefits, you must obtain specific certifications from your doctors and your former employer. Failure to comply with ETF’s requirements will result in an automatic denial of your benefits claim. Hawks Quindel’s employee benefits attorneys will closely examine your situation to help you select the best benefit option available to you and diligently work to get your claim approved. If you are a public employee and have questions about your benefits with the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds, please contact Hawks Quindel to arrange a case evaluation. [1] Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee are exceptions, but Milwaukee Public School District is included.