Scott Dower worked for Roundy’s in its distribution center. On April 7, 2014, Mr. Dower injured his lower back as he was picking up an order. Roundy’s and its insurance carrier, Old Republic, disputed the injury claim.

Represented by Hawks Quindel, Mr. Dower brought claims for the time he missed work, permanent disability, medical bills, and retraining benefits.

After a hearing, Administrative Law Judge Edward Falkner found in Mr. Dower’s favor and ordered the insurance company to pay over $35,000 as well as additional benefits related to Mr. Dower’s ongoing retraining program. Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation provides retraining benefits for injured workers who are no longer able to earn the type of wages they were making prior to their injury. Mr. Dower worked hard to get himself into a retraining program and has been successfully pursuing a machine tool technician degree for two semesters. The insurance company was also ordered to pay Mr. Dower’s medical expenses.

In his decision, Judge Falkner noted Mr. Dower’s retraining was reasonable and a prudent thing for him to do. A copy of Judge Falkner’s decision can be found here. Mr. Dower was represented by Attorneys Bill Parsons and Amanda Kuklinski.

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