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William Parsons
Madison Short & Long Term Disability Attorney
Madison Workers Compensation Attorney

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William Parsons practices as a long term disability lawyer and workers compensation attorney at the Madison office of Hawks Quindel, S.C. His practice focuses on representing individuals with Wisconsin workers compensation claims, long term disability insurance claims, and unpaid wage disputes. Attorney Parsons has practiced with the firm since 2004 and became a shareholder in 2008.

One thing Attorney Parsons loves about working for Hawks Quindel is the attorneys’ breadth of knowledge. As you can see in the Practices Areas, Hawks Quindel focuses on all areas of employment law, not just workers compensation or long term disability law. Oftentimes, clients come to Attorney Parsons looking for a Wisconsin workers compensation attorney or long term disability lawyer, but as the attorneys dig into their case they find clients also need assistance with other employment-related matters related to workers comp or LTDI. For example, clients with workers comp and LTDI claims may also have questions about Social Security Disability benefits, health insurance, COBRA options, or disability discrimination.

When issues outside his specific expertise arise, Bill collaborates with experienced, expert colleagues who can specifically address a client’s needs. This ability to address the full spectrum of employee legal claims is incredibly convenient and effective for his clients, and it really sets the firm apart as a comprehensive, one-stop shop for employee legal needs.

If you would like to discuss your case with an experienced Wisconsin workers compensation attorney or long term disability lawyer, send Attorney Parsons an email or call the Madison office.

Attorney Parsons enjoys taking on insurance companies to help his clients receive the workers compensation and long term disability benefits they are owed. Unlike some attorneys, Attorney Parsons only represents individual workers and employees; he has never represented employers or insurance companies. When working for you, Attorney Parsons will always be on your side; he has taken on large employers and insurance companies and will not be intimidated by them.

Madison Long Term Disability Attorney

As a Wisconsin long term disability insurance attorney, Attorney Parsons represents individuals nationwide who have been denied benefits by their long term disability insurance company. He helps secure his clients’ short and long term disability benefits by thoroughly collecting information about them, their work histories, and their medical conditions. Then he develops the evidence necessary to appeal the denial of long term disability insurance benefits.

If necessary, Attorney Parsons takes the long term disability insurance company to court to ensure his clients get the benefits they are entitled to. As a Wisconsin long term disability attorney, he has secured long term disability insurance benefits for clients against all the major insurance companies including Aetna, CIGNA, Disability RMS, Hartford, Lincoln Financial, Madison National, Sedgwick, and Unum.

If you have been denied your short or long term disability insurance benefits and need a long term disability attorney, please contact Attorney Parsons.

Madison Workers Compensation Attorney

As a Madison workers compensation attorney, Attorney Parsons represents individuals who have been denied benefits by their workers compensation insurance company after a work injury. His clients are entitled to benefits to help them pay their bills until they can begin working again. Sometimes, however, workers are denied benefits by their workers compensation insurer, who believes for any number of reasons the worker is unqualified for benefits because of the character or context of the injury, the details of the insurance policy, or misinterpretation of the law. In these circumstances, legal representation by a Wisconsin workers compensation attorney can be the difference between a tolerable recovery time and a financially difficult one.

If you have been hurt at work and would like to discuss your situation with a Wisconsin workers compensation attorney who has represented clients in hundreds of claims, please contact Attorney Parsons.

A number of national review and rankings organizations serve to help the public learn more about attorneys’ long-term records, peer reviews, and client opinions. Attorney Parsons has been honored as a Super Lawyer and a U.S News & World Report Best Lawyer in America. Learn more about him on the following public review sites:

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A few reviews of Attorney Parsons’ work:

“I would like to commend Atty William E Parsons and Hawks Quindel, S.C for fighting for the reinstatement of my benefits that my work insurance company cancelled on me. Bill fought long and hard for my benefits. He always answered my questions in a matter of minutes, no matter what day they were on, even weekends. He also allowed a 3rd party conference call, when he had news for me. I look forward to seeing his success with this firm and would highly recommend him at your attorney… He gets the job done.”

Connie, a Workers Compensation client

“All I can say is Bill & his staff were kind, understanding and basically awesome! I would highly recommend Bill and Hawks Quindel to anyone needing legal assistance with an employee/employment situation.”

Beverly, a Workers Compensation and Long Term Disability client

Attorney Parsons received his undergraduate degree from Marquette University and graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Attorney Parsons has represented clients in cases before various state administrative agencies, Wisconsin Circuit Courts, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin.

Attorney Parsons has presented on developing issues in Wisconsin workers compensation law, wage and hour law, and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Wisconsin and Marquette University Law Schools.