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A Hawks Quindel Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You Seek Approval Without a Hearing

If your social security claim is denied again at reconsideration, you may have one further opportunity to gain approval of SSDI benefits before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a list of specific medical conditions and symptoms that normally get an automatic approval for disability benefits. While most social security disability appeals result in a formal hearing in front of an ALJ, sometimes claimants with very serious medical can be approved at the hearing level without the necessity of attending a hearing.

At Hawks Quindel, our experienced team of attorneys and administrative staff will analyze your claim from the get go to see how quickly we can get benefits approved. We will work closely with your medical providers to get the information to support your claim and present that evidence to the SSA to see if we can get your benefits approved before a hearing is even scheduled. Remember, at Hawks Quindel, you are not just getting one social security disability attorney, but an entire team of skilled and motivated advocates. Our attorneys and staff work collaboratively ensuring that you get the most out of their years of experience and legal expertise.

Have a Madison social security attorney evaluate your claim for free by calling (608) 257-0040, or a Milwaukee social security attorney at (414) 271-8650. You may also email us.

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