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Request Reconsideration for Your SSDI Claim

A Hawks Quindel Disability Attorney Can Help Request Reconsideration of Your Claim

At Hawks Quindel, we want to get your benefits to you as soon as possible, and unlike many attorneys, we are willing to take on your claim once your initial application has been denied and to seek approval at Reconsideration, the first required appeal of your SSDI denial.

From the date you receive the letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) denying your initial request for benefits, you have sixty days to ask SSA to “reconsider” your claim. It is important that you speak to an attorney quickly after your initial denial so that they may evaluate your claim and prepare your request for reconsideration within the permitted sixty days.

If you miss your deadline, don’t give up. Although SSA is incredibly stern about deadlines, there may be an exception that will allow you to pursue your reconsideration claim even if your allotted sixty days have elapsed. It is important to look both at the date of the letter, as well as the list of medical information that was considered by SSA when making its decision. Often times this medical information is out-of-date or missing important treatment records. Even if you have missed your deadline by many days, SSA may be able to reopen your application if too much time has not passed.

If we take your claim, we will collect and file all the evidence SSA needs to approve your claim. At Hawks Quindel, we are frequently able to get approval of SSDI benefits at the reconsideration level by providing SSA with medical and vocational opinions supporting your claim.

If you have received an initial denial of your claim, don’t delay. A Hawks Quindel attorney will evaluate your claim at no charge. We are more than happy to take on the hassles of tedious, intimidating paperwork and filing deadlines for you so that you can concentrate on the other stressors in your life. Please email us or contact a Madison Social Security Attorney directly at (608) 257-0040 or a Milwaukee Social Security Attorney at (414) 271-8650.

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