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Natalie Gerloff

Madison Employment Attorney
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“I couldn’t be happier with Natalie’s work on my case. She worked hard, and stood up for what was right. I’m happy that I found Natalie and HQ Law when I needed them. Natalie spent the time to get all the details right, and I am incredibly grateful to her. Highly recommend!”

I couldn’t be happier with Natalie’s work on my case. Natalie spent the time to get all the details right, and I am incredibly grateful to her. Highly recommend!

Attorney Natalie Gerloff

Attorney Gerloff is an associate attorney at the Hawks Quindel Madison office. She practices employment, wage and hour, Social Security disability, and family law. Attorney Gerloff strives to provide comprehensive legal representation to her clients with an empathetic approach that is both pragmatic and sensitive to each client’s needs.

Employment Attorney

Attorney Gerloff works diligently to represent her clients in employment claims including discrimination and harassment, contract disputes, and benefit denials. Through her client-centered approach, Attorney Gerloff is committed to zealously representing the interests of her clients, at all stages of employment.

Wage & Hour Litigator

Since joining Hawks Quindel as a law clerk, Attorney Gerloff has been actively involved in wage and hour disputes, and in assisting clients in obtaining the wages they fairly earned. Her work involves matters such as recovery of unpaid minimum wages, compensation for off the clock work, and rectifying improper classifications that resulted in previously unpaid overtime wages.

Social Security Disability Attorney

Attorney Gerloff understands that due to unfortunate or unforeseeable circumstances, employees often are unable to continue working up to retirement age. Whether due to injury or illness, Attorney Gerloff seeks to respectfully and compassionately understand each client’s unique situation, in order to successfully navigate the benefits process from application, to hearing, and on appeal if necessary.

Family Law Attorney

Attorney Gerloff represents Madison family law clients in a variety of matters, including pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, child custody and placement disputes, property division, and post-judgment matters. She is committed to supporting her clients during some of the most challenging periods of their lives and works hard to achieve the best possible outcomes.


At the young age of twelve, Attorney Gerloff knew she wanted to dedicate her professional life to the law, and helping those in need. She volunteered with her hometown’s Teen Court program throughout middle school and high school, where she worked in restorative justice programs designed to aid troubled youths in learning from their mistakes, by offering alternatives to monetary fines.

Before law school, Attorney Gerloff continued to gain experience in legal service to others. During undergrad, she interned with a general practice firm in Jefferson, Wisconsin, assisting in representation of individuals in family, personal injury, and landlord-tenant disputes. Between undergrad and law school, she worked at a debtor’s bankruptcy firm in Milwaukee.

During law school, Attorney Gerloff continued to seek opportunities to help the underrepresented. As a member of the law school’s Frank J. Remington Center Family Law Project, she worked with incarcerated persons to establish and maintain their family relationships, and to assist them with problems arising from the intersection of incarceration and family law.

In her second year of law school, Attorney Gerloff joined Hawks Quindel as a law clerk, where she then devoted her second and third years of law school to working on numerous worker’s compensation, employment, and wage and hour disputes. Now as an attorney, she brings her years of practical experience and dedication to serve and advocate for her clients.

Personal Interests

Outside of the office, Attorney Gerloff spends time outdoors, including camping with her family, attending music concerts ranging from classical to electronic, and doing arts and crafts — especially painting.

Attorney Natalie Gerloff


Law School

University of Wisconsin Law School


B.A. Political Science, magna cum laude
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


State Bar of Wisconsin

Family & Divorce

Labor Law

Social Security

Employee Benefits

Wage & Hour

Worker's Compensation

Disability Benefits

Duty Disability