Call center employees (for example, telemarketers, customer service representatives, customer support desk employees, and account collections employees) are entitled to be paid for every hour worked. The United States Department of Labor has identified a number of common wage and hour violations that impact call center employees.

For illustration, some call center employers only pay employees for the time they actually spend on the telephone. This payment method is not correct – employers must pay for all time the employee spends actually working. As in any other occupation, an employer must pay for all time worked. Time that must be compensated includes time spent turning on the computer, reading emails, reading instructions, doing paperwork, or any other activity that is integral to the performance of the job.

Additionally, many call center employers measure employee productivity using various metrics, including “adherence,” used to determine how well an individual employee is using his or her time at work. These measurements must include appropriate and sufficient time for non-call work tasks, breaks, and other compensable time. When an employer pays based upon an inaccurate measurement of time spent on the job, it will underpay its workers.

If you feel that you have performed work which was not compensated, please contact an experienced wage and hour attorney at Hawks Quindel attorney for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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