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Collaborative Family Law Attorneys in Milwaukee & Madison

A Holistic, Team-Based Divorce Approach to Create Far-Reaching Solutions Outside the Courtroom

Collaborative family law arose as an alternative dispute resolution option to the traditional adversarial divorce process. Hawks Quindel lawyers are trained in the collaborative law process and have significant experience in it.

How Collaborative Family Law Works

With the assistance of a team of professionals, parties in a family court action can come to a mutually agreeable resolution of their issues, taking into consideration all members of the family in a deliberate and respectful fashion.

• Coaches assist the parties with the emotional challenge of the divorce itself, and, if the parties have children, with the new dynamics of parenting in separate households.

• A child specialist is a mental health professional who can listen to the children and assist the parties in devising a placement schedule that works for everyone in the family.

Financial neutrals assist in looking at property division, cash flow, tax consequences, and financial planning for the parties.

Collaborative lawyers are specially trained to serve as settlement facilitators, with the promise not to engage in depositions or contested hearings, or other litigation activities.

This team approach usually leads to less acrimony, and more far-reaching solutions that produce a fair outcome for all family members. The process reflects the shared belief that it is in the best interest of the parties and their families to avoid litigation and instead utilize interest-based negotiation.

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