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Grandparent Rights Attorneys in Madison & Milwaukee

Helping Wisconsin Grandparents Negotiate the Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Their Grandchildren

The parents of minor children who themselves have children may have financial obligations for those grandchildren if their children are unable to provide for the child. Because minors usually cannot initially support their minor children, Wisconsin’s Family Code imposes an obligation on their parent to do so.

Grandparents may seek “visitation” with their grandchildren if they can establish they have a “parent-like” relationship with the grandchildren. Usually, grandparents whose grandchildren have their time allocated between their parents in a visitation or placement schedule see their grandchildren during their respective children’s visitation or placement periods. Some grandparents feel the need to seek a court order if one or both parents fail to permit the grandparents to see the grandchildren. The court will determine if visitation with grandparents is in the children’s best interest, balancing the right of parents to make decisions about their children with the importance of fostering the child’s relationships with other adults, including grandparents, if they have a strong connection to the children. However, great weight is given to the parents to make decisions about the best interests of their children.

There is also a special law regarding grandparent rights for grandparents of the father of the child if the father was never married to the mother and the parent with legal custody is preventing a relationship between child and grandparent.

Grandparents whose children have died may have additional rights to see their grandchildren under the Wisconsin statutes.

Grandparent rights and the meaning of visitation are complicated legal matters. Family law attorneys at Hawks Quindel are experienced and will spend the time to listen and advocate for you. Please contact Attorney Amy Shapiro or Attorney Katherine Charlton at 414-271-8650 in our Milwaukee office, Attorney Lynn Lodahl at our Madison office at 608-257-0040, or contact us through our website form to set up a case evaluation.