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Post Judgment Attorneys in Madison & Milwaukee

Helping Parents Request Modifications to Prior Court Judgments

Parties generally hope that at the end of a divorce or paternity action, the matter is finally resolved. However, certain issues may come up again over time. Child support may no longer be the correct amount, given a substantial change in the parties’ financial circumstances or even the passage of time. Custody or placement may also change with a substantial change of circumstances. Maintenance, or spousal support, may also be subject to a modification based on significant changes in the payor’s ability to pay or the financial needs of the person receiving the payments.

There may also be a reason to return to court if one of the parties is not complying with the order of the court. For example:

  • a house may not have been put on the market as ordered;
  • a parent may not be getting access to the children;
  • a court ordered amount of support may not have been paid;
  • or a debt may not have been paid off or kept current as agreed.

Each circumstance is unique and the response to the problem can also be unique. If you find yourself either needing information on how to cope with the other parent’s non-compliance or have been served with papers, please contact our Attorneys Amy L. Shapiro or Katherine L. Charlton in our Milwaukee office at 414-271-8650, Attorney Lynn Lodahl in our Madison office at 608-257-0040, or contact us to set up a case evaluation.