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Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Milwaukee & Madison

A Divorce Option That Can Save Time, Money, and Stress and Produce Satisfying Results

Mediation is a dispute resolution process by which parties come to agreement on one or more issues with the assistance of a neutral third party. Many couple look to mediation as a way to make their divorce process more economical, efficient, and cooperative by avoiding the traditional court process.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process by which parties come to agreement on one or more issues with the assistance of a neutral third party. Mediation can result in avoiding court involvement in your family life and keeps control of the outcome with you and your spouse or your child’s other parent. It may result in significant cost savings as well. Mediation can occur at any time parties have an issue to resolve concerning their children, their property, or support for one another.

Most often mediation occurs in a family law matter after a petition for divorce is filed, but it can occur prior to a filing or to address an issue that arises after the divorce is granted. Mediation can and should be considered as a means of resolution on many issues, including creation of pre- and postnuptial agreements, division of assets and debts, and determination of child custody, placement and support.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work in Wisconsin?

Parties may participate in mediation by hiring a mediator privately, or utilizing mediators who participate in court-based mediation programs. Sometimes judges order mediation as well.

A mediator will help you:

  • identify the important questions that need deciding
  • identify the interests each of you have in the outcomes
  • come to an agreement on each decision

Advantages of Divorce Mediation in Wisconsin

The potential advantages of mediation versus traditional litigation include:

  • Maintain a respectful dialogue with the other party instead of fighting and/or working through third parties
  • Save money – often thousands – by reducing legal fees
  • Save time and stress by completing the divorce process in only a few meetings, versus separate attorney meetings and court dates
  • Reduced stress and strained emotions for everyone involved, especially children
  • Terms that are more far-reaching than just those required to complete the divorce

Call to Discuss Whether Mediation Might Work for You

Mediators come from many backgrounds and often have specific training in mediation. Our office has trained mediators in the area of family law. To see if mediation is an appropriate option for you, contact our trained mediators and attorneys, Katherine L. Charlton or Amy L. Shapiro, in our Milwaukee office by calling 414-271-8650, or via our website form to set up a case evaluation.