Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Nia Enemuoh-Trammel has ruled that Jim’s Cheese Pantry, Inc., of Waterloo, Wisconsin, illegally fired Nancy Robbins, who had suffered an injury in April 2011, while an employee of Jim’s Cheese Pantry. Robbins had worked for the wholesale cheese producer for over 30 years before she was fired in April 2011,.less than 48 hours after Robbins informed her employer, of her injury. ALJ Enemuoh-Trammel held that the company’s termination of Ms. Robbins was “quite bluntly suspicious,” that the employer held “inexplicable animus” toward Robbins, and that “the reasons offered by the employer for terminating her were merely pre-textual.”

Under the Worker’s Compensation Act, an employee is entitled to up to one year’s wages from her employer as a penalty for its illegal conduct. A copy of the ALJ’s decision can be found here.

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