On September 4, 2012, Attorneys Richard Saks and Michele Sumara filed pleadings on behalf of the NAACP/Voces Plaintiffs in the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Dane County Circuit Court. These pleadings opposed Attorney General Van Hollen’s extraordinary procedural request to Bypass the Court of Appeals and that the Wisconsin Supreme Court grant immediate review of the Decision and Order of Judge Flanagan enjoining the Photo ID law. Attorney Saks & Sumara’s filings also opposed consolidating the NAACP/Voces case with the League of Women Voters case and issuing a stay of the permanent injunction. Prior information regarding the voter id case may be found here, here, and here.

Attorney Saks also spoke at an Organizing for America event on August 28, 2012, at which he discussed the voter id case. His outline from that presentation may be found here.

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