Yesterday, Good Morning America featured a story about a lawsuit brought against the Milwaukee Bucks which alleges that the NBA franchise failed to pay their dancers minimum and overtime wages in violation of federal and state law. The lawsuit has been brought by former dancer, Lauren Herington, on behalf of herself and other dancers who worked the Milwaukee Bucks. Ms. Herington alleges that she and other dancers were paid a flat fee per appearance while employed by the Bucks. However, when factoring all of the work that they were required to perform and the expenses that they were required to incur, the Milwaukee Bucks failed to pay Ms. Herington and other dancers minimum wages and overtime compensation as required by federal and state law.

Ms. Herington is represented in the lawsuit by the law firms of Hawks Quindel, S.C. out of Milwaukee as well as Stephan Zouras LLP and Andresen & Associates, P.C. out of Chicago.

To see Good Morning America’s story, click here.

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