Hawks Quindel is a firm of diverse practice areas – family law, wage and hour, employment law, social security disability, workers compensation, short and long term disability, consumer law, school law and personal injury. We are also a diverse group of individuals who contribute to the Milwaukee and Madison communities in a variety of ways through pro bono work, service on boards and community organizations and volunteer work. In spite of these diverging interests and areas of expertise, one of our greatest commitments as a firm, regardless of practice area, and one of which we are most proud, is our work with voting rights.

This commitment has been carried out in many ways throughout the years with no shortage of devotion by our attorneys in 2012. As many in Wisconsin are aware, Attorneys Richard Saks, Michele Sumara, with full support from other attorneys in the firm, have worked tirelessly, and so far, successfully, on the litigation to enjoin the Voter ID requirements passed by the legislature last year. See our prior posts about the case – November 6 update, October 1 update, September 17 update and September 5 update. Their work continues as the argument goes to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in the next few months.

As members of the Legal Coordinating Committee of Wisconsin Election Protection, Attorneys Barbara Quindel, Michele Sumara and Summer Murshid helped organize, train and coordinate 120 legal volunteers to staff polling places statewide in Wisconsin for the November 6, 2012 election. Election Protection is a national organization sponsored by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights with dozens of coalition partners throughout the US. Hawks Quindel attorneys were founding members of the Legal Coordinating Committee and continue that work with other area attorneys for the majority of statewide and national elections.

Attorneys Kathy Charlton, Aaron Halstead, Timothy Hawks, Lyris Medrano, Lynn Novotnak, Israel Ramon, Richard Saks and Amy Shapiro all spent November 6, 2012 volunteering in various capacities for election work.

As proud as we are of our daily legal lives and outcomes we are able to achieve for our clients, we are equally as proud to say that we, as a firm, are wholly committed to protecting the right to vote for every citizen in the state of Wisconsin and continue to demonstrate that dedication in as many ways as we can. Wisconsin has a great tradition of expansive political participation, and our voter turnout in Wisconsin on November 6, 2012 again surpassed 70%, ranking our state amongst the highest in the nation. We are honored to have been a part of that process.

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